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Concrete posts and gravel boards

Concrete posts and gravel boards - extra upfront cost compared to a timber only option but some may say money well spent as this fence will likley out live us all - We build them to last @ Newcastle Pro Fencing!

Pro Fencing - What other services do we offer?:-

All aspects & styles of Timber Fencing including:

  • Styles include but not limited to – Space boarded fences, Closed boarded fences, Overlapping boarded fences, Horizontally boarded fences & Picket style lolly pop boarded fences.

  • Single Gates – Built on site from scratch to match any fencing style.

  • Driveway Gates – Built to last with Heavy Duty Gate Furniture.

  • Trellis work – Ranging from high end machined trellis decorative panels to bespoke toppers to sit on top of an existing or new fence design.

  • Fencing sizes are generally from 1ft to 8ft tall but we can bespoke to any fencing design / size.

  • We carry our all prep required to install your new fencing inc digging out, levelling or patio work.

  • Patio slabs need disturbing to add your new fencing posts? No Problem - When we leave a job we leave it tidy - all slabs will be re-cut and re-laid as part of the job.

All aspects and styles of Timber Decking:

  • Our decking service is 100% bespoke and with each quote we can tailor the design to suit your garden or requirements – just describe what you want and we will plan and build it for you.


  • Hedge removal

  • Tree / stump removal

  • Gravelled areas

  • Railway Sleeper work - Retaining walls / boundaries, planter beds and bespoke garden features hand made from sleepers on site

  • Artificial Grass

  • Turfing / Re-Turfing

  • Levelling


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